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Masters Practitioner:

Rebekah Polglaze

Hi, my name is Rebekah and I am fully qualified as a Neurological Integration Systems (NIS) Practitioner having completed my Master’s training. Alongside my NIS studies, I have completed a Master of Science specialising in Nutrition.


Originally from North Shore, Auckland, I moved to Northland in 2017 and finding no NIS accredited practitioners north of Auckland, I was inspired to study in the discipline. So I could bring to the North the modality which has immensely helped me on my own health journey. What I love about NIS is, that we treat the underlying issue rather than the symptoms. Consequently following my first NIS treatments I achieved wellbeing goals which I had struggled with since my childhood.

At The Wellness Connection we aim to provide individualised, holistic health care that is suited to your needs. Treatments are non-invasive, stress and pain-free so are suitable for anyone from birth to older adults. Appointments are approximately 30 minutes.

Once the original complaint is resolved, routine check ups every 3 – 6 months are recommended to ensure the body continues to function as it should. We are constantly putting our bodies under stress, both environmentally and physically, so quarterly check ups will ensure that small issues today do not develop into larger issues in the future.

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